Discover the advantages of having an office (work space) in CNS, compared to rent an office in the traditional way:

  • You will have quality facilities and the most modern technology, always renewed and updated 
  • You will have the support of a professional ready to help you in everything you need
  • You will have your business open 5 days a week, although you are not at the office
  • Immediacy, adjusting your office to your company growing needs
  • Agility to stablish your business increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs
  • Without previous investment

Comparative charts on renting a 2 people office, in a traditional office and in Centro de Negocios Sardinero. We consider a traditional office with a meeting room, office kitchen, WC, reception area, etc. compared to an office in our Business Center Sardinero, where everything we have previously mentioned, is included in the monthly fee


(*) They are estimated costs (VAT not included)


(*) They are estimated costs (VAT not included)